Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Look how evil she looks....she acts the same way, but we still love her like crazy.
OK, I am so sorry I am such a slacker when it comes to blogging. I am just not good at it and I get very frustrated. I will make this short and sweet.
Madelyn-very spoiled, especially by Hanna and Steve. She just loves Hanna to death. Follows her everywhere and copies everything she does. Steve and I are going to be in alot of trouble when she gets older, she LOVES shoes and always want to wear them. She gets very mad and screams at us when we try and take them off. She gets into everything, she really likes to put things in and take things out of the trash....SO GROSS!!
She is starting to says some words like bird, mama finally, said papa once. shakes her head no alot or says yeah to things she wants. Maddy is just getting so big so fast.

Hanna-about to turn 8 next month. We are going to have a skating party. 2nd grade is going great, seems to not be having any troubles so far. Has not gotten in trouble this year for talking, but she says thats because none of her friends are in her class. This is true. Hanna is going to be a punk rocker for Halloween, I will post those when I have them downloaded. We are very busy w/Hanna.
Tues.-soccer practice
Thurs. 2nd/4th-girl scouts 1st-skating party
Sat.-soccer games
soccer is almost over so that will free up Tues and Sat am. She loves soccer and is really good at it. Sometimes too good. Last Sat. she kicked the ball into another kids face and gave him a bloody nose. I am surprised she did not break it, she was only about 4feet away. She also scored 2 goals. She wishes she could play year round.

Steve-WORK, WORK, AND MORE WORK AND THEN EBAY. That is pretty much all he does. When he is not doing that he is playing with the girls who just adore him. He is defiantly the fun parent. He has gotten 1 of the 4 new tvs that he wants. Hopefully this x-mas he can get the really big one he wants. Well we are just glad he still has a job at this point. Keep your fingers crossed that it will stay that way. Lots of layoffs all over the country from Hertz.

Me-Work is going ok. For about 2-3weeks we were very slow, but this week has been very busy and I am exhausted and it is only Tues. Thanks goodness I don't have to see pt Thurs. afternoons. It gives me time to catch up. We have been doing alot of painting around the house. We hope to buy a bigger house next yr....if the economy gets better. So we are fixing things up so we can sell. So besides work and painting and running around for Hanna I try not to do anything else(Just ask Steve:) )

Well that is us in a nutshell. I am trying to put together a online book of Madelyn's 1st yr. As most things like that it is taking me along time. I mean she is now 15mos. I am onlyh 3mos behind

Saturday, July 19, 2008

this should be correct

Here is the address for the slideshow

Friday, July 18, 2008


OK I am retarded and can not figure out how to so a slide show on the blog. So there is a website at the bottom of this posting. Just click on it and then click on 7-18-08 and view the slide show. It is pics of Maddy's b-day and our vacation. Hope you all enjoy and sorry I am incapable of adding my pictures

Flickr: saydogan's Photostream

Flickr: saydogan's Photostream


Hello everyone.

I am sorry that I am so bad at keeping up with this. I wish I was better at it. Alot has been happening since I last checked in.

#1 most important: MADELYN TURNED 1 ON 6-28
she looked soooo cute at her pool party. she was a princess as you can tell by her pictures. She had so much fun and the weather was beautiful.

We went on vacation to Fl. and had a good time. We went on a pirate cruise that was alot of fun. Hanna had a blast. Hanna also got to swim w/dolphins which was her all time favorite.

Part of our trip was not so fun though. Out of the 6 of us, 4 of us got stung by jellyfish. THEY WERE EVERYWHERE! ARGGG! My mom and Maddy were the only 2 that did not get stung and mine was the worst because it was wrapped around my ankle.
NO I did not have Steve pee on my ankle(Friends episode)...everyone has asked me that.

Overall we enjoyed ourselves and the girls were really good.

Work is going great for me. I DO NOT miss Howard or Amy at all. Even Hanna has noticed how much happier and less complaining I do. This office is great. I have my own 2 rooms and I keep very busy. Everyone is very nice and I am really apprieciated(for a change). I have not had to scrub any floors or dig through the trash there. We actually have a break room with table and chairs and a meeting room w/2 large tables and chairs. I don't have to stand for lunch. I am usually done by 4pm and out of there by 4:30 M-Th.
Hanna will be starting 2nd grade next month and she is very excited. Especially to see Jonah again(Ha!Ha!). She has really been reading this summer and loves Junie B. Jones books. She read 3 in the car on the way back from Fl. She is such a good reader. She has not been doing any activity since soccer ended and she quit gymnastics. She wants to get back into dance class in Sept.
Steve has not been doing anything but working and mowing. We did get a Wii and he hurt his arm playing it. Well, he was not the only one. Hanna had me boxing and playing tennis alot I my ribs felt bruised for 2 days. It is a really good excerise.
Madelyn is getting so big and learning so much. She has just starting walking along the bed. She won't try by herself, she is too lazy, she would rather crawl. She has 4 teeth, but she is finally getting 2 more. She will usually eat anything you put in front of her and what she finds on the floor. We are trying to wean off the bottle. I took the ones during the day away and she is doing ok. She gets 1 in am and 1 in pm. This week the am one is going to be gone. I hope that goes well. She really loves the bottle. We also bought her a potty seat for the toilet and she has gone on it 3 times. (pure luck on my part). Hanna was potty trained by 17 mos, so I thought we would get one and see how it goes. She loves it and will sit for about 5 min then want off.